Wedding officiant

for your symbolic wedding in Italy

Wherever there is love, there’s a reason to celebrate!

Are you looking for someone to help you write the text of your ceremony and celebrate your symbolic wedding in Italy?

It’s time to write your ceremony so that it becomes beautiful, engaging, exciting and above all, so that it truly represents you!

The ceremony is the most important part of the whole day and it must represent the history, emotions, values ​​and spirituality of the couple.

I love to write about love because I love to tell who you are and how you got to this important day!

My team shares my values ​​and could make my spouses’ ceremonies special. Together we write and celebrate your ceremony.

wedding officiant in italy

How it works

  • LET’S MEET – The first video call for an informal chat about your plans and ideas, to get to know you and understand what kind of ceremony you like. During this meeting you’ll learn more about the process and the service and clear any doubts you could have.
  • SAVE THE DATE – Do you want us to be your officiants? Book your date.
  • TELL US EVERYTHING – After confirming the date, we’ll have a second video call to find out more about your personal background and beliefs, your story and love.
  • WE WRITE YOUR CEREMONY – in 1 month and a half you will receive your first draft of the ceremony!
  • REVIEW AND APPROVE – You will know exactly what’s going to be said and done during the ceremony. If you want to change or add something to the draft this is the time.
  • WE MEET AGAIN FOR THE FINAL TOUCH – Now we have the definitive ceremony, so we’ll schedule another meeting prior to your wedding day, to discuss the finer details with your celebrant.
  • LET’S CELEBRATE – it is the big day! One hour and a half before the ceremony your celebrant will be already present at the venue. In this way she meet the other suppliers (musicians, photographers, coordinators) face to face and sync with them. She will test the microphone and generally supervise the areas of work to be sure that al the set up is done correctly. In this context you are able to tale with her in person, if you wish to, and solve any residual doubts. This preamble will make you confident that everything is fine so that you can just enjoy your wedding.
wedding officiant in italy


Whether you want it to be symbolic, celtic or with a different kind of spirituality involved, enjoy a heartfelt celebration of your marriage, with a ceremony that truly reflects your story, your love, your spirituality and who you are as individuals.


The price starts from 890€. In order to provide a quote, I need to understand what your needs are. For this reason, you can write me an email on or via WhatsApp. We will have a video call.