Symbolic Wedding

Symbolic marriage is a means. It is the means by which the people who love you witness your birth as a couple.

In ancient times, the marriage ceremony served as a contract, but more importantly it was the way to be recognized as one entity by those in the community.
Its purpose today is exactly the same.

Symbolic marriage is a ceremony that has no fixed rite. It is based on the sacredness of a promise that traces your story, made up of memories and symbols that are important to you. That is why it is different for each couple.

Symbolic marriage serves to make you recognized as a couple by those who love you. It has no legal standing: for the law to recognize your union you will still have to show up at City Hall.

Symbolic marriage allows you to commune with nature, allows room for emotion and moves away from appearances; it retraces the moments of your life together and makes your union a time of sharing with your loved ones.
In symbolic marriage you can include your spirituality; there are no things you cannot say or mandatory phrases.

This is your perfect marriage if:


You believe that the legal wedding ritual is cold: not suitable for honoring a promise of love.

You want your ceremony to represent you, to tell your story and / or your spirituality.

You want a beautiful wedding in a natural place.

You want a sustainable wedding away from glitz and waste.