Celtic wedding in Italy

Celtic wedding in the woods: Celebrating love in a sacred stone circle in Italy 

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and when it combines history, nature, and spirituality, it becomes truly magical. Picture a forest in Italy, where a couple decides to exchange their vows with a spiritual ceremony. In this enchanting tale, we are into the depths of an ancient stone circle in the woods. Join me on this journey filled with love, tradition, and the mystical allure of nature.


Unveiling the Sacred Stone Circle

Deep in the heart of Northern Italy’s countryside, surrounded by trees, lies a hidden gem, a sacred stone circle, from ancient native European times. Ailie and Liam chose this ancient site as the venue for their sacred union. They exchanged their vows encircled by the stones and they honored the traditions of the Celtic people, who regarded such circles as portals to another realm—a gateway where the earthly and divine intertwine.

The ceremony started with a procession, guided by the soft melody of the harp. The bride, adorned in a hand-tailored flowing gown, walked gracefully towards her beloved.

The couple, surrounded by their closest family and friends, exchanged vows and rings. Celtic blessings were whispered by the officiant, invoking harmony, strength, and the eternal bond they were forging. Nature joined in the celebration, as rays of sunlight filtered through the treetops, casting a golden glow upon the sacred gathering.


A Reception in Harmony with Nature 

The celebration continued in harmony with nature’s enchantment. A rustic reception awaited the couple and their guests in a wood venue property nearby. Tables adorned with natural elements, such as moss, wildflowers, and branches, harmonized with the surroundings. Traditional Italian cuisine delighted all of the guests.


Wedding Planning and Design: Federica Cosentino Nature wedding plannerInstagram
Foto: Aroha Photographers – Instagram
Video: Luno Films Instagram
Fiori: Inter’nos Floral & WeddingInstagram
Vestito sposa: Maura BrandinoInstagram
Vestito sposo: Federica Cosentino Nature wedding plannerInstagram
Druido: Andrea CogerinoInstagram
Capelli e Barba sposo: Bullfrog TorinoInstagram
HMUA: Erika FinottiInstagram
Cake Designer: Passione CupcakesInstagram
Suite Grafica: Manifattura calligraficaInstagram
Musica: “Cad E Sin don te sin” traditional gaelic song, arranged by Fragment Celtic Music (Instagram) & Katia Zunino. Producted by Ariele Cartocci
Arpa celtica: Katia ZuninoInstagram
Voce: Francesca Elayne Naccarelli
Classic Guitar, Irish Bouzouki & Samples: Ariele Cartocci
Modelli: Liliya Novaa & Jacopo Ventura

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