Celtic gathering for your wedding

Federica and Francesco live in Ostia, near Rome. When they wrote to me, however, they did not hesitate for a moment and told me: “We are getting married there, in Val di Susa!

My initial shock was followed by many happy dances because this was the wedding of my dreams, the one I had always wanted to organize: a Celtic wedding in the most sacred place I know, followed by a real banquet around the fire.

And that is how these two guys full of life, laughter, and wanderlust created a wedding tailor-made for them. The ceremony was Celtic, in a wonderful megalithic area that is at its best in summer. We were then hosted in a beautiful villa in Val di Susa, with a gigantic park entirely dedicated to us. Here we were able to light a large fire and Silvia, our Celtic chef, cooked sausage and vegetables over the embers, while the fire lit up the dances led by harpist Katia.

Many moments will remain in my heart: the evening before the wedding, Federica and Francesco decided to spend it with my cultural association, on a walk along Lake Avigliana talking about Avalon and water cults. The next day I was able to accompany Federica on her most important day and afterwards, I shed all my tears during the ceremony. I think I have never been so emotional at a wedding, but I was quiet because when I turned to look at the guests, they were all crying their eyes out.

The party then, was something magical. Fire has always attracted me, but seeing it at a wedding, with all the guests sitting at the table decorated with fresh leaves, took my words away. So, happy viewing to you too!


Wedding Planning and Design + Fiori: Federica Cosentino Nature wedding planner
Foto: Valeria Forno
Musica: Katia Zunino
Catering banchetto celtico: Silvia Lombardi

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