Example of a symbolic wedding ceremony text

A wedding ceremony is a profound declaration of love and commitment. It’s a moment when two people come together to share their promises, hopes, and dreams in front of their loved ones. While traditional ceremonies hold a special place in our hearts, more couples are choosing to craft unique and meaningful weddings that reflect their individuality and shared journey.

One beautiful way to do this is through a symbolic wedding ceremony. Unlike legal weddings, a symbolic ceremony isn’t bound by legal requirements, allowing couples to focus solely on the spiritual and emotional aspects of their union. In this guide, we present an example of a symbolic wedding ceremony text, which can serve as a template or inspiration for couples looking to create their own personalized and heartfelt ceremony.

This sample ceremony text will walk you through the various elements of a symbolic wedding ceremony, from the introduction and the couple’s story to the exchange of vows, rings, and any potential unity rituals. Each part is designed to emphasize the symbolic and emotional aspects of marriage, offering a memorable and deeply meaningful experience for the couple and their guests.

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A Symbolic Ceremony Example


Welcome, everyone,

On behalf of Anna and Luca, I would like to thank you for being here today. You have been invited to this beautiful place to share in this important moment of their love. Every time we witness a wedding, we are allowed to reflect on our relationships. We might look at the couple before us and be tempted to compare their love with our own.

The truth is that every relationship is unique, but one thing holds for all: for love to exist between two people, each must lower their defenses and give their love to the other, and the other must be open to receiving that love in return.

This means not having to pretend and choosing every day to dedicate ourselves to each other with love and care. Knowing that in happy times and difficult moments, the other person will be by our side, without fear of judgment or rejection.

The Story of the Couple

This part is personal. If the couple desires it, the officiant tells the story of the couple – the challenges they’ve overcome, the journeys they’ve embarked upon, the things they’ve shared.

Marriage as a Symbol

Today, I would like to remind you that marriage is a symbol – an important, deeply felt, and significant symbol, but still a symbol. This ceremony is not magical; it will not create a new relationship between you, nor will it make you immune to life’s challenges. Instead, it will strengthen all the commitments you’ve made to each other, both big and small since the day you first met. What we are celebrating today is not the beginning of your life together; you began that journey long ago. Instead, we are celebrating a symbol of the promises you will continue to make to each other throughout your lives.

Introduction to the Vows

Look at each other and remember this moment in time. Before today, you have been many things: friends, lovers, partners in crime, and companions. But now, you must say words that will take you beyond a threshold. After these vows, you will tell the world, “This is my husband,” “This is my wife.” Nothing is easier than standing here today and saying these words, yet nothing is more challenging than living them every day. Love does not remain the same over time; you cannot love a person forever in the same way. Nevertheless, this is what many people expect. We forget that life is a flow, a circle, and that nothing is ever the same as the day before. The only thing we can do is embrace change and growth. So, what you promise today must be renewed tomorrow and every future tomorrow.

The Questions

Now, Luca, I ask you:

“Do you promise to truly do your best, every day, to create a happy and loving marriage and life?”


“Do you promise to truly do your best, every day, to create a happy and loving marriage and life?”

Now, you may declare your promises to each other.

Introduction to the Vows

Sharing with the Guests

Please, take each other’s hands. And all of you who love each other, please take each other’s hands as well. Holding hands is a powerful symbol of the connection between people. Look at each other’s hands because they are the gift you give to each other. These hands will support you in every moment of your life.

Exchange of Rings

Luca, as a symbol of the promises you’ve made to Anna, you may now give her your ring.

Anna, as a symbol of the promises you’ve made to Luca, you may now give him your ring.

The Unity Ritual

There are many unity rituals, and it is not necessary to include one in your ceremony. In this article, you can find many rituals that you can incorporate into your wedding. The officiant should explain the symbolism of the ritual and its significance for you.


Today, you have exchanged promises in front of your family and friends, but you will exchange them again in the days and years to come, sharing the ups and downs of life. My hope for you is that you remain side by side, enjoying every day of what lies ahead, and that your days are filled with laughter, imagination, trust, friendship, and love. It is my honor, then, to declare you husband and wife. You may kiss each other.

Crafting Your Unique Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

A symbolic wedding ceremony provides a canvas for you and your partner to express your love, commitment, and individuality in a way that feels deeply meaningful to both of you. While the example ceremony text presented here is a guide, your ceremony should ultimately reflect your unique love story, values, and beliefs.

Take inspiration from this template, but don’t hesitate to infuse your personal touches, favorite readings, or cultural traditions. After all, this day is a celebration of your love, and the ceremony should resonate with your hearts.

As you embark on this journey together, remember that a symbolic wedding is a beautiful opportunity to declare your love, not just for the day but for a lifetime. Cherish each moment, embrace the symbolism, and let your love shine through every word and gesture. Your symbolic wedding ceremony will be a reflection of your unique love story, a testament to your commitment, and a cherished memory for you and your loved ones to treasure.

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