Wedding Officiant in Italy

Are you looking for the right person to help you write the text of your ceremony and celebrate your symbolic wedding?

No more searching for copy ceremonies on Google!

It is time to write your ceremony so that it becomes beautiful, engaging, emotional, and above all so that it represents you!

Let’s create a ceremony together that can move both you and your guests, that is unique, permeated with your ideas, values, and spirituality, and that reflects your deepest being. Every aspect is important, from the small details to the rituals, to the words you will exchange, because you will remember them forever.

Together we create a memorable experience for you and your guests. A shared experience that will excite.

My philosophy

Since I started organizing weddings, I have always firmly maintained that the ceremony is the most important part of the whole day and that it should represent the history, emotions, values, and spirituality of the bride and groom.

Over the years, I have discovered that these rituals are often completely detached from the naturalness of the place and the symbolic idea behind it. In Italy, too many things are done just to prove something to others and without any real personal meaning.

I often found myself writing my bride and groom’s ceremony because I wanted it to represent them and make them happy. I thus discovered that I like writing about love and over the years I formed a team of celebrants who shared my values and could make my bride and groom’s ceremonies special.


How it works and what it includes

MEET ME – The first video call will be an informal chat about your plans and ideas for the ceremony, to get to know each other and understand what you want deep down. During this meeting, you will be able to clarify any doubts you may have. This first meeting is free of charge whether you decide to entrust me or not.

STOP THE DATEDo you want me to take care of your ceremony? Let’s stop the date of your wedding.

TELL ME EVERYTHING – After confirming the date, we will have a second video call to talk about you, your story, your passions, loves, ideas, and spirituality. At this stage, I will take notes so as not to miss anything.

I WILL WRITE YOUR CEREMONY TEXT – Within 1 month you will receive the draft text of the ceremony! (Delivery times may change depending on the time of year, we will figure this out during the first video call)

CHECK THE DRAFT – You will always know exactly what will be said during the ceremony (unless you want it to be a surprise). If you want, you can correct/fix/add items to the draft I will have sent you.

WRITING YOUR VOWS – During the ceremony, one of the items on the agenda is the reading out by the bride and groom of the promises they have written to each other. These do not have to be actual vows but are letters that the bride and groom write to talk to each other about their emotions and feelings. Often the bride and groom have in mind everything they would like to say to each other, but writing these thoughts down on paper is difficult. That is where I come in. You will send me your thoughts through your preferred means of communication: email, message, or even a voice message. I will make them the letter you have always wanted to write.

THE CEREMONY PASSES TO A SPECIALIZED COPYWRITER – Because I care about everything being perfect at such an important moment, the final text of the ceremony passes into the capable hands of a copywriter who specializes in writing for the voice, so that he can work his editing magic. In this way, the celebrant, whether it is your friend or relative, or one of my team, can read the celebration in the fairest way possible, avoiding the mistakes of reading a text that was meant for writing only. The text must be edited with appropriate spaces, graphic signs, and formatting suitable for reading

WE HAVE THE DEFINITIVE CEREMONY – We now have your definitive ceremony in our hands! If a friend or relative of yours will be celebrating, my work ends here.

MEET THE OFFICIANT  – If one of the girls in my team is celebrating, then we meet the celebrant and work out the final details of the wedding with her.

CELEBRATE YOUR WEDDING – we have arrived at the big day! The celebrant will arrive at the ceremony venue one and a half hours before the start of the ceremony. This way she can meet the other suppliers and arrange everything as best she can.

I have a team of celebrants in all destinations.
This is fundamental because it allows me to protect my spouses, guaranteeing them the presence of a celebrant in all circumstances.

How much does it cost?


The price of writing the ceremony text starts from 590€.

Ideally, you should contact me at least 2 months in advance.
I have no problem writing ceremonies even at short notice.


The ALL-INCLUSIVE price of writing the text + celebrating your wedding starts from €990 + transport.
I have a team of celebrants all over Italy.
We will work out together which celebrant will be most suitable for you.

Managing every aspect

Who will manage your income during the wedding?
Who will coordinate the suppliers (photographers, musicians, location…) so that everything goes as you have imagined?
Who will manage the guests before you arrive?

If the answers are still not clear to you, consider getting help so that you don’t have to worry about these aspects!

The whole ceremony management service includes various important aspects such as: setting up the altar, managing the suppliers, managing the guests, and accompanying you to the entrances.


Eco-friendly arrangements

I am against waste during the wedding. In addition to food waste, flowers are often thrown away at the end of the event. I try to prevent this in various ways: I create bouquets that can be dried and stored, use live seedlings as much as possible that can be given to guests at the end of the event, or find a home in the bride and groom’s garden. I use local greenery so as to avoid unnecessary transportation from one state to another.

In addition to this aspect, over the years I have found fantastic collaborators: young artisans who help me create fabulous arrangements made of hand-carved wood or wrought iron. Arches, logs, and altars are made especially for the bride and groom or rented for the wedding day.

If you want sustainable floral arrangements, you can DISCOVER ALL HERE.

What about a Celtic wedding?

Would you like a wedding in contact with Nature?
Would you like a barefoot ceremony in the woods?
The Celtic ceremony is for you.

It is based on the bride and groom’s contact with the natural elements so that you can experience this moment as a true rite of passage.

Since I started organizing weddings, I have always firmly maintained that the ceremony is the most important part of the whole day and should represent the values of the bride and groom and their spiritual feeling, even when they do not belong to any religion.

The Celtic ceremony involves the bride and groom, the natural elements, and the guests. It does not speak of any deity, but exclusively of man’s relationship with Nature.

Some answers to your questions

Can we talk to each other before purchasing the service?  Absolutely yes, I will answer all your questions. You can book your free discovery call at this link

Can I pay in installments? If you only purchased the writing of the ceremony text, no, sorry. This is a service that can only be purchased in one installment with payment in advance. If, on the other hand, you purchase the writing of the text + the celebrant, then the payment will be in 2 installments: the cost of the writing, upon purchase of the service, the cost of the celebration + reimbursement of transport costs, to be agreed with the celebrant.

Do you have further questions?Write to me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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