Get married in Nature

In ancient times, all the important stages of a person’s life were celebrated in contact with nature. Humankind has always felt complete only if it lives in harmony.
The natural place therefore became as much a part of the rituals and as much a protagonist as human.

Celtic tribes, for example, were connected to natural places. A lake, river, mountain or valley was thought to be inhabited by the spirits of places, and, in many cases, by the spirits of the Ancestors of one’s tribe.

Nature thus became the thread that bound the lives of individuals, between present and past. A way of feeling intimately connected to the place to which one belonged and to the family.
So I think it is a natural feeling to celebrate such a happy moment in as close contact with nature as possible.

Sposarsi nella natura
Matrimonio immerso nella natura
Cerimonia simbolica all'aperto

Getting married in nature therefore means seeking intimate contact with the place you have chosen for your ceremony.

I organize weddings in nature because I believe in the wisdom of the earth, in the ancient bond that binds us to our land and tradition. Having the sky as a roof over your head can make your ceremony sacred and solemn and everyone should have the opportunity to get married while honoring their spirituality.

The weddings I organize are as sustainable as possible, departing from the glitz and the philosophy of appearing. In my own life and in my own small way I try to do everything I can to avoid polluting and harming nature. I think a wedding should be no exception.
I love a less hectic pace of life, one that looks at the small happy things in each day, the walk in the woods or looking at the stars.

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