Full Wedding planning

It starts right at the beginning, before you’ve planned anything. It ends as you head off on your honeymoon…

Is everything already clear in your mind? I’m your planner. Do you have a creative dream held back by the fear of the implementation? I’ll concretize it.

I’ll be by your side from the first fact-finding talk to the end of the wedding day when all the guests will be happy resting in their rooms. The amount of details to be defined for your wedding will scare anyone. I am a professional trained by more than 50 wedding events.

In this page you will grasp some of the aspects I can help with. You can call me to plan the entire experience surrounding the ceremony itself or you may need a few advice and suggestions to find suppliers, interact with non English speakers in Italy or to write your wedding scripts and wovs. I will tailor my services to your exact needs.

Discover all the steps we will take together, click on the various stages of organization to find out in detail.

Some steps are also services that can be purchased individually.

1. Video call to define the general idea

When you choose to entrust me with the organization of your wedding, the first thing we will do is to see each other in a video call, to broadly define your general idea. We will talk about your needs, what you like, how you want to feel, the food you love, and the atmosphere you want to create.
This is necessary for me to fully understand you, put myself in your shoes, and be able to find the ceremony, suppliers and location that is suitable for you.

📌 This service is also available for purchase individually. In this case, the cost is 90€ per hour. During the consultation, you will receive advice and ideas on how to manage your big day in general, or focusing on elements that are particularly important to you and on which you need more help.

2. Research of the Location

Once we understand what type of wedding you imagine, we begin to search for the perfect location. For each couple, I do a thorough search of the possible locations that meet your needs. I always include those facilities that were not specifically created to host weddings, but that are, for this reason, even more beautiful and accessible.

I will present you with many proposals in a file made especially for you, where each location is presented and explained in all its main characteristics, so it is easy to understand right away if it is the place you dreamed of or not.

📌 This service is also available for purchase individually. In this case, the cost is 300€.

3. Walkthroughs to find the perfect Location

Once you received the file for the choice of locations that you like, we will identify up to 3 locations that inspire you and we will go to see them to see firsthand every aspect: from the reception, to the spaces and possibly also the food. if you are not able to be in Italy for this step, it is not a problem! I will take care of it by sending you photos and videos so that it is easy for you to understand the atmosphere.
I will be with you to guide you and ask the right questions. In fact, it is very important to know what to ask so that the place you choose meets all your needs without any unpleasant surprises at the end.

📌 This service is also available for purchase individually. In this case, the cost starts from 450€ + the cost of transportation.

4. Writing the text of the wedding ceremony

The ceremony is the most important part of the day and, as such, deserves the right attention and care.

Together we will understand which ceremony is most suitable for you: the Celtic ceremony, the spiritual ceremony, or the symbolic one.

In any case, we will take some quality time to talk about you, who you are, what emotions you want to experience during your union, your story. We will do this in a video call. From this, I will write your ceremony text, with its rituals and words studied in detail so that they truly reflect you.

Once I have drafted the text and you have made any adjustments you see necessary, it will be passed on to a copywriter specialized in voice writing, so that he can make his editing magic. This way, the celebrant will be able to read the ceremony in the most appropriate way possible. In fact, it is essential that the text is edited with appropriate spaces, graphic signs, and formatting suitable for reading.

📌 This service is also available for purchase individually. In this case, the cost is 249€ – You can find out more here.

5. Study of the Wedding Design

We define in detail the design of the wedding. This is characterized, first of all, by the atmosphere that you want to breathe during your day. The atmosphere will make it clear which path to take, which decisions will be necessary.

To explicit the idea that each supplier should create, I will create a pdf file of moodboards and inspiration for each service. These will be intended for florists, photographers, videographers, stylists, graphics designers, so that everyone has a clear idea of the path to take and can propose an accurate and calibrated quote based on your needs, without any unpleasant surprises later.

📌 This service is also available for purchase individually. In this case, the cost is 490€.

6. Research of the suppliers

The suppliers are the people who make the difference in creating a serene wedding that reflects you. First of all, they must share your ethics and ideas, and secondly, they must be professionals who know how to handle every aspect of their work and any kind of unexpected event, even last minute.

The NECESSARY SUPPLIERS IN A WEDDING usually are: catering for food and drinks, photographers, videographers, florists and decorators, musicians, lighting and audio service, rentals, graphic designers, printers, artisans, make-up artists, hair stylists, tailors and ateliers.

A good team is what makes the atmosphere relaxed both before and during the wedding!

I know, propose and collaborate with many professionals that I have had the opportunity to know and appreciate over the years. But I don’t stop just at those I know, and I always explore new collaborations because every year new realities are worth the discovering.

I only propose suppliers that reflect my ethics of respect for Nature and reduction of waste. I try to value small local businesses as much as possible. I believe that bringing value to the place where you are is the first way to bring value to ourselves.

📌 This service is also available for purchase individually. In this case, the cost is 290€ and includes an introductory video call + the sending of a pdf file with the different proposals in line for each service.

7. Meeting with the celebrant

If you want a Celtic ceremony, we will meet with the druidess together.

If you want a spiritual or a laic symbolic ceremony, you can choose to have a friend or family member officiate, or a professional celebrant from my team.

In any case, we will meet the person you have chosen and send him/her the text that we have written, so that they can familiarize themselves with it. Finally, we will define the final aspects related to the celebrant.

8. Handling of guest transportation and accommodation

Once you have told me when your guests will arrive, I will take care of organizing their transportation to the location, as well as their meals and accommodation.

9. Creation of the Timeline and management in the week before the wedding

I create the final file of the organization, something very technical and detailed that defines every moment of the day for each of the involved suppliers.

It is essential that this file is drawn up in the simplest but most complete way possible, so that each supplier knows exactly what their role is and what is expected from them. There will always be unexpected events, but I want to have everything that is in my power under control to give you the serenity that you deserve, especially one week from your day.

10. My presence on the wedding day + coordination

The wedding day has arrived and I am on the front line to manage everything so that it goes as we have dreamed, thought and organized it.

I will keep in touch with all the suppliers, I will be present at their arrival at the location, I will manage the timing, changes and unexpected events. I will always be there, from many hours before the start of the event until its end, to verify that everything proceeds exactly as you have dreamed and that everyone gives their best.

With me there is an assistant for every 50 people, so that no one, neither suppliers nor guests, feels left out and everyone can count on a fast and effective response, from me or my assistants.

It is indeed always my task to manage your guests, welcome them when they arrive, indicate the various moments, services, or respond to their needs. It will be me and my girls to guide them in the various places of the day, so that you have nothing left to do but enjoy the moment.

📌 This service is also available separately. In this case the cost is starting from 1190€

11. Setup of the altar and ceremony area + management of the moments of the celebration

Since my ceremonies are specially designed and written for the couple, I always take care of the setup of the altar. I value this moment because I see a sacred value in it, both towards the ceremony itself and towards you, who have entrusted me with this important moment in your life.

In the case of Celtic weddings, all necessary ritual elements are provided by me, from mead to the handfasting tools. You only need to bring the rings and your vows.

The same applies for spiritual or laic symbolic ceremonies, based on the ritual we have created. In this case, you don’t have to worry about anything.

It will be my responsibility to set up the altar and ceremony area with all the care, importance, and love that I reserve for this fundamental moment of your life.

I will always be the one who manage the various moments of the celebration, from the guests’ reception, to your entrance, to the work of the vendors.

You can interact with me with no formality to make the communication straight-forward and to build an atmosphere of mutual trust.

We will draw together your priority, we will define exactly how your experience will be not only on the wedding day but from your arrival to departure. It is really important to me that you will remember your wedding as totally matching your expectations.

The more you express your desire the better I’ll translate them in a real scenario. We will work in the same team with the common goal of making you in the sole mood a bride should be: joyful, stress-free, and satisfied. I’ll take care of sourcing suppliers, coordination and plan execution on the day itself, creation and delivery of design concepts, and apportion of your budget.You’ll be updated at every stage, with regular meetings, notes, and support.


The price starts from 2290€. In order to provide a quote, I need to understand what your needs are. For this reason, you can write me an email on info@federicacosentino.it or via WhatsApp. We will have a video call.