My name is Federica, I am the first wedding planner in Italy to organize weddings exclusively in Nature.

Federica Cosentino - Nature Wedding Planner

I believe in marriage as a free act of love, a promise far from the constraints dictated by religion.

I organize symbolic, secular, spiritual, or Celtic weddings that have a deep meaning, to make this day unique and unforgettable.

I have my spirituality, linked to nature and the recovery of ancient feelings, but I do not follow any religion. In our culture, this seems impossible, but spirituality and religion are not linked as one imagines. That is why I strongly believe that even those who are not religious should have the freedom to choose whether to include their spirituality in their ritual.

You can expect understanding from me, whatever your ideas and philosophy of life.

I create for you an authentic day of celebration, shared with those you love.


I want you to have the ceremony that represents you and not have to settle for an aseptic civil wedding or a church wedding just for the scenery. 




Federica Cosentino - Nature Wedding PlannerYou should know that I feel very close to nature and to living according to its rhythms.

I left the city where I was born and grew up in a small mountain village. I love the happy tranquility that has now become my life. I love getting up in the morning with the sunrise and being able to look at the stars at night searching for constellations with my fingers, as I did as a child. I believe that people should return to a simpler life, made up of small, happy things every day.

I work with respect for nature and prefer the sustainability of resources to waste. For me, nature is a temple where we can exchange promises of love in the presence of the sacredness of the world that hosts us.

I dream of a world where Nature is put first and people live according to its cycles. That is why with my work I enhance the territory of the place where the wedding takes place.

I am the right person for you

if you share my philosophy of life, if you desire a true marriage of full sharing, and if you want it to represent who you are. If you desire a rite of passage that consecrates you as a couple.

I am not the right person for you

if you do not believe in the sacredness of nature or if you want a marriage of waste and ostentation, without deep meaning.



I design and plan weddings in Italy and throughout Northern Europe. I work with beautiful souls to create authentic weddings.

I am inspired by the beauty of Nature, where the eye can wander and make us feel free! My style is spontaneous, delicate, and elegant.

I love to give my bride and groom authentic experiences to create indelible memories. Moments filled with love, joy, and fun that will remain in their hearts forever.

I help make your wedding idea a reality. I weave your character and personality, your ideas, and your spirituality to create a family atmosphere and a meaningful wedding.


I founded my business in 2018 and since then I have planned and designed many weddings, from Northern to Southern Italy, from Ireland to Scotland.

My office is in Piedmont, but I regularly travel all over Europe for the events of my brides and grooms. Over time I have created an extensive and reliable network and collaborated with the best suppliers and craftsmen.

Over the years I have created TWO TEAMS of women, whom I have trained myself and who share my life and work ethic, who enable me to create wonders: 

  • The first team is the one of coordinators in love with Nature and special love stories. They are the ones who allow me to help my couples in every organizational and logistical aspect.
  • The second one is the team of officiants. Some of them specialize in symbolic ceremonies, others are more akin to spiritual and Celtic celebrations. They allow me to realize wonderful and emotional ceremonies surrounded by Nature.



My work cannot take a separate path from my spirituality and that is why I bring my research into it.

For many years I have been conducting research into the ancient world and the spiritual origins of my homeland, Northern Italy. I deal with the Celtic world, studying its culture, spirituality, mythology, and symbolism and at the same time, I research the ancient value of the sacred feminine through the sacred places of my territory.

This has led me to learn about ancient rites of passage, bringing them back into the modern world but contextualizing them to the era in which we find ourselves.

My story

Federica Cosentino - Wedding Planner - Canavese, PiemonteI grew up in a village not far from Turin: I always thought it was too close to Turin. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, who let me have a small piece of land and miniature tools to cultivate.

Unlike many of my friends, I chose to go to high school in Canavese instead of the big city. I wanted to be away from the traffic, smog, and city crowds.

At university, I chose the Faculty of Economics (I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration which I obtained half an academic year in advance with a mark of 110/110), even though my passions were art and history. I would have liked to be an archaeologist, but a job in the economic sector was almost assured. I chose comfort over dreams.

During those years I realized that I was not suited to life in a big city. I wanted to be as far away as possible from stress, from a life without nature, from the anxiety of returning on Mondays. I wanted to be able to grow my food, take walks in the woods, and have no constraints of schedules or places to go: I wanted to find a home in Alto Canavese, the place where I grew up and which I love with all my being.

During university, I did not abandon my passion for history and mythology and focused on the people of the north. I continued to read and cultivate this passion and my spirituality. I did not think it would one day become part of my work.

I thought I had no other choice, so I took a job in marketing for a company not far enough away from Turin. A polluting company that cared nothing about the environment or people.

After nine months, I decided that my dreams were more important than security and I left.


How I Became a Wedding Planner

My encounter with the world of weddings happened by chance, on the Internet. It was not love at first sight.

There was a part of the wedding organization that I liked but the waste, the ostentation, and the Italian closed-mindedness made me angry.

I used to see weddings only in church or in the town hall. I used to read about brides who celebrated their weddings with a Christian rite just for the beautiful scenery and the few who went against the tide, choosing a symbolic wedding, were singled out for choosing a fake wedding.

So I had my enlightenment.

My business was born like this: it did not exist and a second later it was in my head, clear and perfect in its linearity. It encompassed everything I am good at and focused on a huge need that was not accepted as a choice in Italy.

I chose to help others.


The organization allows the bride and groom to enjoy this trip, without stress.

The love of nature, because a wedding steeped in beauty can and must be respectful of the world we live in.

Creativity to create something unique and inspired by the beauty of nature.

The study of ancient peoples to help couples who want a wedding that reflects their spirituality.

My work is based on a lifestyle that is slow and respectful of what surrounds us, to be an example for those who want to change their lives and think it is not possible.