You will enjoy your Celtic or symbolic wedding being at ease having me as your wedding planner.

I will propose to you local food and wonderful atmospheres in nature.
You will explore multifaceted Italy while feeling home.
I’ll take care of every aspect so that you can focus on the most important thing: loving each other.

Federica Cosentino - Nature Wedding Planner


I’m Federica and I followed my vocation by building this entrepreneurial reality in 2018.
I was the first in Italy to choose to organize only symbolic and Celtic weddings, emphasizing the spirituality of the bride and groom.
I believe in marriage as a spontaneous act of love, a promise free from constraints and dogmas.

I’m deeply bound to the Celtic culture and to the sacred feminine. I love to rediscover the ancient sacred sites of my ancestors on my territories. I bring all these aspects to the wedding as well, making couples experience a magical wedding in the most important and beautiful places in Italy.

When we talk to each other in a cozier and more intimate situation, you will perceive that I’m not the usual wedding event organizer hyper focused on love stories. I strongly believe there’s nothing more romantic than getting married, but it’s just that running events is in my (Scorpio) DNA made me focus on many different aspects.
I search for the depth and important meaning of every gesture and rituality, bringing them to light with delicacy and beauty.

I love involving the collective experience of my team to give birth to your personalized wedding experience in a way that is totally yours and meaningful to you.

Federica will take care of the overall organization.


Antonella is a spiritual, shamanic and goddess weddings celebrant and planner. Being an anthropologist she studied birth, wedding and end of life rituals from all cultures and she brings them to our modern times through her wedding ceremonies and blessing way.

Her multifaceted studies and background are all interwoven together by the thread of her passion for the feminine. She holds women through deep transformation as a coach, naturopath and doula, committed to holding women through every major milestone of their lives.

Being a Taurus, she loves love, being in touch with nature and beauty in all shapes and forms. You will always see her deeply moved while reading your ceremony because in every couple that comes together she sees the sacred feminine and masculine reuniting, creating the one, that unity which sparks the flame of life.

Antonella is a precious resource of our team, who always manages to put everyone at ease.

Antonella will manage all the communication with you. She is an expert English speaker. She will be the bridge for all the Italian/English interactions. She will be phisically present during the wedding day.


Simone is a copywriter and ghostwriter in the world of wedding, corporate, personal publishing, and counseling. He is the person who writes ceremony scripts.

A Ph.D. candidate in Computer Engineering specializing in empathic language analysis, he is in love with the beautiful stories he can tell. He gets excited with every ceremony script becoming really emotional when he imagines your past lives, your wedding day and your future together.

  • Features writer for Zankyou
  • Official planning partners for different exclusive Italian wedding venue in Piedmont, Tuscany and Sicily

Things that make us happy:


Excited couples

Mountains wedding in autumn
Celtic weddings
Good home-made food
People in love
Share happiness with others


I’ll put myself in your shoes to embrace your spirituality, your ideas and your core values. Only in this way I can create a wedding that is truly yours. I will constantly listen to your needs and I will keep you updated throughout the whole process. I’m generous with my time and I’ll introduce you to suppliers sharing your exact ethics. Thanks to the frequent interactions, the buyer-seller relationship usually becomes an honest friendship.
You will have at your disposal creative and exceptionally talented suppliers that will share your vision. On the day, you’ll find us working alongside each other, as a cohesive team, one step ahead of every detail to provide you with a wedding like no other.