A wedding that moves you,

shared with those you love,

immersed in Nature

Hi, I’m Federica and I’m the first Nature Wedding Planner in Italy.

I plan weddings with a deep connection to Nature.

I have chosen to devote myself exclusively to symbolic, spiritual, and Celtic ceremonies that are meaningful to you, to make this day unique and unforgettable.

We will tell your story in front of your guests, nature will be your witness and the trees will hold your promise.

On your wedding day, you will celebrate by following your spirituality and choosing a ceremony interwoven with your values and memories.

I am also a researcher of Celtic and Native European culture. I bring ancient natural culture back to life by contextualizing it in the modern world. I mix this aspect with my organizational method and valorize the territory and the small realities that make it up.

I organize weddings all over Italy and Northern Europe

Some magical weddings in Italy:
PIEDMONT – Turin, Canavese, Val di Susa, Valli di Lanzo, Alessandria, Cuneo, Val Soana, Asti, Monferrato
LOMBARDY – Ticino Park, Milan, Bergamo, Mantua, Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como
LIGURIA – Imperia, Genoa
TRENTINO – Giovo, Canazei, Trento
VENETO – Vicenza
EMILIA ROMAGNA – Bologna, Ferrara, Piacenza
LAZIO – Viterbo, Rome
UMBRIA – Terni
MARCHE – Ancona
SARDINIA – Cagliari
SICILY – Palermo
Some magical weddings in Northern Europe:
IRELAND – Dublin, Galway, Connemara, Burren
SCOTLAND – Isle of Skye
Regions in Italy where I've already had at least a wedding

In Italy, when a wedding planner recommends suppliers for a wedding, be they florists, photographers, catering, or the location itself, very frequently and increasingly in recent years, she demands a hidden and additional ‘commission’ for herself.

This percentage, which the suppliers give to the wedding planner in a clientelistic manner, inflating the final price, is NEVER declared to the bride and groom, who are therefore, in fact, unaware of what is happening and find themselves paying the wedding planner far more than declared.


I do not take commissions, of any kind!


Every time a couple chooses me as their wedding planner, I plant a tree!

Hometree is an Irish project that I have decided to join. I will plant a tree for you in Ireland!

Italy today has 35% of its land area covered in forest. Ireland was also once a land of trees, covering 80% of the country. Yet today Ireland is the most deforested country in Europe. Little more than 1% of that original forest cover remains. Hometree is trying to change that. Their vision is the restoration of Ireland’s ancient woodland. Through conservation, reforestation, and education, they want to create a landscape where people and forests flourish together. I want to help them.

Your tree will be planted in West Clare, Ireland, and will live a happy life, never to be cut down or sold. The tree will be planted in your name and on your wedding day, you will receive a beautiful A5 certificate printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.

A small gift for everyone’s life

Happy couples

Ceremony text written

Years in wedding industry

“In a distant time, the man knew that he belonged to the earth, with her he rejoiced when the first buds sprouted and with her, he slept in winter under the snow. He respected her and loved her because she gave life. In a time long past, nature blessed unions, and the souls of the bride and groom merged with the earth. Beliefs, rituals, and bare feet on the grass that we have forgotten over time.”